Welcome to Jasirisana Savannahs

Safi Kabisa 2010 0116 016a

Jasirisana is a small cattery in sunny Arizona where all of our cats and kittens are raised in the home with the rest of our family, both of the human and fur type. Our goal is to produce healthy, high-quality, … Continue reading

What are Savannahs?


The savannah is a cross between a Serval, an exotic feline from Africa, and a domestic cat. The result of this hybrid breeding is an exotic looking feline that has the personality and temperament of a domestic cat. These are … Continue reading

Are Savannahs a good breed for me?


The Savannah is usually a very high energy, inquisitive, and athletic animal that requires a special home with special people to love it. Therefore, any potential Savannah owner(s) will be asked to provide adequate information about themselves, in order that … Continue reading

About our cattery


Currently we breed F2 through F7 Savannahs, including B, C, and SBT; producing pet quality, breeder quality, as well as show quality kittens. We only have a few litters a year, with our focus on producing high quality, healthy, and … Continue reading

To see our queens, kings, and available kittens; or for more information about savannahs in general, please follow the links provided. If you are interested in one of our kittens, please feel free to contact us and fill out our Pre-Adoption questionnaire.