Available Adults

We occasionally have a retired adult or older kitten available for adoption for a greatly reduced fee. Please read the descriptions provided and contact us at jasirisana@cox.net if interested.

Chipukizi’s F3C Dark Girl

Dark girl 2016 0717 10

This little F3C Savannah girl was born May, 2016 and is looking for someone to give her a loving home where she can be spoiled and doted on as she deserves. Physically, she is a little odd as Savannahs go … Continue reading

Aliye Bariki, F3C Female

Aliye Kamilifu 2015 0907 07

Aliye is an F3C female born 3/2015 who is a non-stop ball of fire. She loves chasing a wand toy and playing with other cats, but also deeply enjoys head scritches. With everything she does she gives 110%. She can … Continue reading

Imani Katika, F6 SBT Female

Imani Katika 2016 0207 02

Imani is an F6 SBT girl born 11/2015 who has decided that she is not interested in being a show kitty and is looking for someone to adopt her who will give her the love and attention she deserves. She … Continue reading