Available Adults

Because of the USDA/APHIS rule that went into effect November 18th, 2013 we are currently unable to ship kittens or cats sight unseen. What this means is that buyers must first meet the cat in person before taking delivery on it. Ultimately what this entails is either the customer flying or driving in to meet the cat before taking it home, or we will fly or drive the cat to the customer to meet before taking possession of it.

Unless specified otherwise in the cat’s description, all retired adults are available for $500 or less, taking into account the above transportation costs.

Chiriku F2B


Chiki is a special girl. Chiriku means chatterbox which she is, but she also growls and hisses quite a bit so can be somewhat intimidating to someone who doesn’t know her. She actually likes sitting in a lap but never … Continue reading

Femi F5C


Femi is a melanistic boy who is very active and playful. He would love nothing more than to have a human play with him for hours on end. He does tend to become over stimulated with play at times which … Continue reading

Marla F6C


Marla is a very sweet and loving girl. She has produced many beautiful kittens and is now waiting for that special home where she can be loved and doted on. She gets along well with people and other animals, and … Continue reading

Chloe F3B


Chloe was a kitten when she became a victim of the Arizona Monument Wildfire in 2011. She was evacuated and placed in an overcrowded shelter for a week before she came to us. She was half starved and very sick, … Continue reading