Intact (unaltered) males change in appearance as they mature. They develop large jowls making it difficult to assess head structure as casual glance. They also tend to become heavier and huskier than their altered counterparts. When evaluating an intact male it is often helpful to look at pictures of him before he matured to help see head and body structure better.

Royal Pride JetLi of Jasirisana, F6 SBT

JetLi 2014 0728 07

JetLi has not met a person he doesn’t like. He is sweet, loving, and just can’t get enough of people. He passes that down to his kittens which we believe is his best feature, although he has many other wonderful … Continue reading

Kasbah Adia Kuka Mola (Kookie) of Jasirisana, CON (F4)


Kookie is a rare F4C male whose both father and grandfather were fertile F4 males. Although it is difficult to see as a mature adult male, he has several excellent traits that he passes on to his progeny. He has … Continue reading