Zari and Jet Li’s F3C Light Girl

Karibu Kamilifu 2015 0531 06

Zari’s Light Girl Video  

Maji-Kookie Dark Boy

Maji Boy 2015 0718 06

Maji-Kookie Big Spot Girl

Maji Girl Big Spots 2015 0718 06

Shere Tani and Jet Li’s F2B Golden Boy

Golden Boy 2015 0411 05

Master Cuddlesworth

Master Cuddlesworth 2013 0902 12

This young man, appropriately dubbed Master Cuddlesworth, is an F5 SBT boy. He is sweet as pie and loves everyone. He is living with Vickie in Iowa.


Boy purple 2013 0608 04

This little boy has a beautiful face with dramatic cheetah tears. Although initially a bit on the shy side, he is very sweet. He is also very playful and loves chasing a ball or a wand toy. He is living … Continue reading


Boy white 2013 0608 05

This little kitten is very dark but has the sweetest personality. He is an attention hog and loves to be with people, in fact I just can’t seem to keep him out of my lap! He is living with Julia … Continue reading


Boy red 2013 0616 runninf on the wheel 02

This big beautiful boy is confident, playful, and loves to run on the cat wheel. He is living with Alicia in Washington.


Kilifi 2013 0721 01

  Jasirisana Kamili finally gave us a kitten – only one, but very special. Kilifi is a very sweet, adorable kitten who loves her humans as well as her mom. When she was quite young she developed a vasculitis which … Continue reading


Simba F5 SBT

Simba is our golden boy – he has lovely hooded eyes, tall ears, long legs, and a beautiful spotting pattern. He will be going to California where he will be able to charm the ladies and hopefully produce beautiful savannah … Continue reading