AliciaI rarely leave testimonials, as most of the time my expectations are just met, and not exceeded, so I don’t really feel the need to leave a glowing review… However, this is one of those times I felt compelled to leave a good review!

When purchasing a Savannah cat I waiting a LONG time, trying to find the perfect cat as well as a breeder I could trust, that also wasn’t in it for the money, but for love of these cats. Patti fit the bill, she knew the personalities of her kittens and which would work best in my household, and the kitten she recommended was gorgeous!!! He was also big! He is EXACTLY what I wanted, and I just knew when I saw him he was right for me.

When Azize arrived after 9 hours of traveling by plane and car I expected him to be timid if not downright scared. I was totally wrong though, he came out of his carrier purring and snuggling into my arms!! He was totally confident and friendly even after a full day of traveling.

My Azize has settled in wonderfully, made friends with my other cat, he cuddles with me every day and tells me about it if he doesn’t agree with something! He also loves to play in his water bowl so I frequently change it.

Azize has been a huge comfort to me, since the death of my father and all the other terrible things that went wrong, he always cheers me up and helps me to feel better again. He, and by extension Patti, has made such a huge difference for me, my anxiety and sadness is drastically reduced, and even my other cat Sophie is much more sweet and cheerful with a playful friend to chase around. Thank you again for your great work with these Savannahs!


AnneZizi and Zuri will be 3 on March 17th....seems like we have had them forever as we love them so much but then, it's only been a year this week. Zizi and Zuri are such darlings! Zizi is full of it and constantly getting into mischief lol But, in the mornings she is so lovey....she will follow me everywhere and when I go into the bathroom, both the girls are on the sink, supervising everything I do. They insist I turn the water on so they can play with it. I can hardly brush my teeth! lol They both LOVE their hanging feather toys or any toy for that matter....we have toys in the bed everyday and all over the house! I sure wish I could train them how to put those toys away. lol Zuri....oh my, she is my sweetheart! She will sit on the back of my office chair all day if I was there. She is my constant shadow and bedtime companion. What a purr baby too! My hubby adores her as when he sits in his recliner, she will jump up into his lap and snuggle there. She is so elegant and beautiful...her fur is still like silk and those golden eyes are piercing when she looks at you. ( which for me is always lol) Tonight they both were sitting on my computer printer as my hubby was going up to bed....they looked like bookends and the "twins", as Dave calls them, were in tandom as they watched him go upstairs...I think they were debating whether to go up with him or wait, as they always do, until I go up. We love them so much Patti and I can't even now imagine our lives without them. Thanks again for trusting us with their care..xoxoxo


VickiWell Patti,
You were right!!!
I have Savannahs "Thundering" through my house!!! 😀
They are chasing each other up and down the hallway from their room to the living room and back!!! Rafiki likes the dog food and Zazu finds the water "fountain" very interesting...

Rafiki found a cat toy mouse thing and was running up and down the hallway carrying it in his mouth... "TALKING" while doing it!!! LOL. I ran to check on him to make sure he was O.K. LOL It's kind of a "wowwowoow" sound... The only time I've heard a cat make a noise similar to that is when my adult Savannah is about to vomit!!! But... It would seem that Rafiki just does it when he's pretending to be a "Big, Bad, Cat" LOL

He is also much more of an "UP" cat that Zazu!!!
He keeps jumping up on my chair... Climbing to the top of the back... Jumping off onto the floor... Running back around to the front and jumping up onto the seat again!! :-P. LOL

I am so glad that there are still GOOD people like you out there... My last couple of years have been really tough on me and I was starting to get very jaded towards mankind! But you have restored my faith... Thank you!!!


AirieEvery night  Tanaiste is curled up on my lap.  He has the best temperament of any cat I have ever owned.  He is not quite a cat, or a dog, or an eagle, or I don’t know.  We play catch.  We play fetch.  We have long talks.  We kiss.  He is my best friend, and constant shadow.  Tanaiste is only concerned about being with me.  I can’t thank you enough for him.


Cynthia KingPatti, I just wanted to thank you for sending Josie to me.  I just adore her and as you already know, she quickly became one of my very favorite girls.  She really developed wonderfully over the past year and while she still has that amazing short fat tail, her legs and ears have grown like mad, making them seem to go on for eternity!   I just couldn’t be any happier with her looks and can attest that her personality is equally as magnetic.  She is extremely well socialized, always even tempered and in my book…the total package!    (The only thing that could possibly make her any better to me is if I could take the credit for producing her myself!  He he)   She is definitely one to be proud of!

Cynthia King
The Kasbah, Ltd.

The Stockbridge FamilyWorking with Patti at Jasirisana has been a wonderful experience.  Halo came home to us at 12 weeks of age and quickly became a very interactive , loving family member.   From our previous experience with adopting new kittens we could tell right away that Halo received excellent early socialization and the best of care.  Patti answered  all my questions thoroughly and made sure we were the right home for one of her kittens.  She was honest and up front about what to expect from a Savannah and  I could see her kitten's welfare was her first priority.  All the work and time Patti spends with her Savannahs shines through in her kittens.  When Halo arrived on his first day it took a very short time for him to adjust to his new environment.   He radiated such confidence that only a well raised kitten could have.  While in quarantine, he bonded extremely well to my 9 year old son and they are now best of friends.  Over the past year Halo has exceeded our expectations in what we were expecting a Savannah to be like.  He's affectionate, social, loves car rides and going for walks on a leash. He's very playful with a wild streak but he knows how to interact well with humans and is very gentle in nature.   Halo is clearly the biggest cat I've ever raised  and this was just a bonus because F2's can vary greatly in size.   I could never imagine our home without him now and we definitely made the right choice when we picked our kitten from Jasirisana.  To this day, Patti is still there to answer any follow up questions and of course, we love sharing updates with her:)

The Stockbridge Family

Nancee JonkerDear Patti,

I just wanted to comment on a few things. I am not totally "in the dark"  with buying a Savannah. Being thru it a few times before, I knew what to look for and what was  expected from a good breeder.   You fit the bill perfectly to make me the most satisfied customer. You were so  attentive in every way... sending photos promptly when I was so excited after I picked him out, answering all of my questions, and making sure he was in perfect health! You went out of your way thru the whole process and I want to thank you for this lovely BIG BIG boy. I am so pleased at how Large he is becoming with all the wonderful Serval traits. All I can say is "WOW"...Keep producing these BIG BOYS !

Nancee Jonker